Industrial Revolutions
Welcome to the newest machine shop in Lethbridge, Alberta!

Here at Industrial Revolutions we specialize and pride ourselves in being a small shop. We believe that if we can't do it well, we won't do it. The culture of "it's good enough" is never good enough and you wont find that here!

What we have to offer:
Manual lathe- Complex profiling that can be quickly achieved on the inside or outside diameter with the hydraulic tracer attachment, ID and OD turning, ID and OD threading, Tapers, Grooving.
Knee Mill- Precision drilling, Boring, Keyseats, Cutting pockets, Simple indexing, Fly cuts or facing to create flat surfaces.
36" Radial Arm Drill- Large hole drilling and tapping as well as the clearance to accommodate very large projects.

TIG Welding and Fabrication:
Stainless steel sanitary purge, Mild steel, and Alloys

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